„The best service is always the one you don't need.“

The Karlsteiner Druckmaschine MR130 was developed with this in mind; it is designed to be as robust and simple as possible and is easy to maintain. Trained and qualified specialists are in short supply and training times for complex service activities are unthinkably long. The MR130 was designed in such a way that the machine operator can carry out initial troubleshooting measures himself under supervision - even remotely.

Together with our sister company R+W Druckmaschinen Service GmbH & Co. KG, we offer you the best possible service that users need for the Karlsteiner Druckmaschine MR130. R+W has been active in the printing industry since 1999 and, in addition to servicing printing presses, also offers a comprehensive portfolio of spare parts for a wide range of printing presses. The founders of the service company have their roots in MAN Roland; from the very beginning and still at the cutting edge of metal decorating machines. The company boasts over four decades of experience with such machines.!

As our strong partner in the KDM-family R+W offers, among many other things:


Dismantling and installation

First of all, space must be created. R+W dismantles the decommissioned printing press, removes it and preperes the shipping. The new MR130 is then brought in, installed and commissioned in accordance with the project planning. From old to new - everything from a single source.


Project planning for relocations, purchases of new / used machines

Professional graphical representations of project plans, building layouts and the arrangement of the equipment help you to make your preparations and production processes well organized in advance.


Technical print analyses and determination of measures for optimization

Whether using one of your print templates or the standardised and in-house R+W test form, the print quality is determined with the help of a SID evaluation. Based on this evaluation, incorrect settings or deviations in the mechanics of the printing press can be recognised and measures can be defined. For R+W an analysis does not end with the result, but with successful measures.


Technical support in the event of a fault

One call to the headquarters in Karlstein is all it takes to describe the fault, malfunction or failure of your system. An information chain is immediately set in motion to determine the quickest possible action for you. If necessary, with a short-term immediate measure to keep production going, followed by a sustainable elimination of the cause.


Remote diagnosis and assistance using data goggles

R+W offers optional data goggles as part of a subscription. Used to guide you to the source of the cause and provide remote assistance to quickly return to production or jointly identify spare parts.


Individually customised maintenance agreements

Regular evaluation of the condition of the printing press is highly recommended. Maintenance deficits, impending early failures and wear conditions are recognised before they lead to a cost-intensive production standstill. The technician inspects the machine regularly, depending on your requirements, and prepares the resulting reports. In this way, failures with fatal consequences can be reduced to scheduled downtimes. Act proactively and arrange recurring appointments with R+W - individually and customised. Particularly fair hourly rates and flat-rate travel expenses round off the programme.


Inspection, repair, maintenance, servicing

Honest analyses, prepared according to the age of the machine and the usage, you will receive an offer for the maintenance of your system on the basis of an inspection report. No unnecessary floods of spare parts, just what is actually determined. A print test with SID evaluation with a before and after comparison will prove the efficiency of the measures.


Own spare parts warehouse

Quality is a top priority at R+W and Karlsteiner Druckmaschinen. Only original parts from Karlsteiner Druckmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG are used on your MR130. If any weaknesses are discovered, we work with the design team at Karlsteiner Druckmaschinen to quickly identify optimisation options and implement them immediately together with R+W.


Customised design solutions with our in-house design department

Are you thinking of making changes to your system and its surroundings? Do you have smart ideas? Would you like to optimise machines and processes? Don't hesitate to tell us about your ideas. With young and clever minds from both companies, we will work with you to find a great solution for your ideas and implement them, first in terms of planning and then in terms of production technology.


Modification of existing systems

Requirements and applications change from time to time. Are you increasingly having to decline print jobs because your equipment seems unsuitable? You are welcome to present this to us. Adding further printing or coating units to printing presses or insert applications is not an obstacle for us. True to the motto "There's no such thing as can't". We would be happy to convince you with practical examples in a personal meeting.


Short distances

R+W Druckmaschinen Service and Karlsteiner Druckmaschinen jointly operate the company's own building, which covers an area of around 2,000 square metres. With short communication channels, fast response times, shared warehousing and accommodation of the PRINT VILLAGE as a demonstration room for various types of printing presses, R+W offers a unique package of services. Come and visit us in Karlstein am Main and experience for yourself the fascination with the printing industry – which we very probably share.