MR130 - The Rock

The only format 5 metal decorating multicolour machine in the world! With a production speed of 7000 sheets per hour, the machine prints material thicknesses of up to 0.40 mm in the highest print quality. Scroll or aluminium can also be processed on the machine.d

With its unrivalled price, the machine is a true r.o.i. champion!

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Basic Design

The system features double-sized impression cylinders and transfer systems, along with an optimized seven o’clock position. This is complemented by a reinforced frame and cylinder shaft ends, guaranteeing a stable structure. Additionally, the cylinders are fitted with high-precision roller bearings that were made in Germany. These bearings, which have zero play, ensure a robust counter pressure. This combination of features results in a highly efficient and reliable system.

Basic Idea

Our philosophy is grounded on the belief that the best solution is often the simplest one. In line with this guiding principle, we have developed a machine that uncompromisingly adheres to this. It is easy to operate, reliable, and provides all the necessary functions for daily use, without distracting with unnecessary extras. Through modern electrical solutions such as decentralized servo drives with integrated position detection, we can take shortcuts where previously a large detour was necessary.”

Technical data
Max. Sheet Size 1,200×1,040 mm
Min. Sheet Size 720×550 mm
Max. Printing Size 1,200×1,000 mm
Sheet Thickness 0.38 mm
Blanket Size 1,310×1,200×1.95 mm
Plate Size 1,095×1,220×0.3 mm
Max. Speed 7,000 s/h
Printing Edge 4.5 mm
Gripper margin 3.0 - 3.2 mm
Main Motor Power: (4-/5-/6-Color Machine) 45 / 55 / 75 KW
Total Power: (4-/5-/6-Color Machine) 93 / 106 / 128 KW
Feeder with Single Drive yes

Keep it simple

The machine control and electronics have been reduced to the simplest possible level. A fully interchangeable control cabinet is located on the side of the machine for each printing unit. Troubleshooting and repair instructions can easily be carried out remotely. No secrets, no complicated hidden features, nearly open source.

Keep it clean

Equipped with a modern washing system, you can keep the printing process at the highest quality in the most reliable way. Simple removal of the washing device ensures quick changes of cleaning cloths. The cloth washing device is included in the standard equipment. The impression cylinder washing system can be configured as an optional extra.